Friday, July 30, 2010

changes are coming

Since I've done a complete overhaul on the organization of all my things (and the yard sale we had actually went well!), why not add everything else in my life into the bucket?  The kids are getting a coordinating/matching room makeover, I'm getting a new assignment/calling at church (nope, can't say what quite yet) and I'm thinking about taking a break from my online business for awhile.  I'd still be available for local, custom stuff, but there are just so many areas of things to DO in my life for me to be able to do them all wonderfully, or at least to the degree of wonderfullness (HA) that I want.  I don't Ellerie and Bennett to feel attention-deprived.  We'll see what I decide.  I certainly still love to create things, but maybe it'll just be on a smaller scale.  Hey...then I wouldn't have to deal with tax issues, right?  I think that would mean a massive inventory reduction at good prices.  Anyone interested?  {{wink wink}}

Ellerie is completely potty-trained now, although she did have two unexpected accidents in one day just a few days ago.  Both after waking up from sleeping overnight and naptime.  Needless to say, she was very upset about both incidents.  So at least she gets that it's "serious"....poor kid :)  Bennett is teething something major and will only eat bread, bananas, yogurt, applesauce, get the idea.  SO annoying, since he was eating even better than Ellerie as far as variety.  He did have a little chicken and peanut butter today, so I guess it's not all bad.  But man, the crankiness, whining...he better pop out six teeth or something for it to be worth all this trouble.

We are headed to the Virginia Highlands Festival tomorrow.  We're trying to fit a lot into one morning/early afternoon.  Even though, it's a two-week event, this will probably be the one time we go and do stuff.  Matts' work schedule next week starts getting into what it's "really" like for the fall season of Scouting, so he'll pretty much be a no-show ;)  Don't worry, honey - we still love you!  But we're hitting up the Tomato Fest at the Farmer's Market, all of the regular Arts & Crafts booths, as well as the Colonial Trade Faire, a bagpipes concert and a free Kid's Fun Day if we're lucky.  Hopefully the kids will hold up and have a great time...oh, and ditto goes for us!

Matt and I are trying to eat better and exercise more (story of everyone's life, right?) and I guess that great Chocolate Trifle I made for the Book Club was a great send-off of what we WON'T be eating a lot of.  I want to start walking the Creeper again, too.  I think I am officially ready for fall weather to arrive.  I believe Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons.  Not too hot, not too cold, just perfect.  Fall might win, though, with the colors, Halloween, that brisk chill in the air, the first snow {before you come to your senses and realize that snow is evil}, etc.  You get the idea.  It's just delightful in general.  Especially when you have a travel-free holiday season to contemplate.  I think this is the year we start doing our own thing.  Traveling with two kids and all the STUFF that is included - it's just too much.  It's hard for kids to be away from their own stuff, especially when there are lots of semi-unfamiliar people around.  It'll be nice to enjoy my own holiday decorations for once...on the actual day of said holiday :)

Anyways, I am typed out...catch all you readers (however many of you are later.


Jennifer Sharpe said...

I'm so over traveling every holiday! I wish we could just stay home and enjoy it too, instead of being stressed out because no one's house is kid proof. Congrats on the potty training, it's such a relief! I'm so glad I only have one in diapers. We are also trying to eat better and exercise. We are only doing the exercise part so far. The other one is the hard one for us.

The Turner Family said...

We had a random accident yesterday too for Olivia and I thought she was going to lose her mind - so serious about it :) We think Avery is cutting teeth too - so it sounds like we are in the same boat, if we only lived closer we could lock them in a room together and bond :)

Modestfy said...

Totally understand the Etsy thing. It's stressful - I mean, you have a banner month and then you have to sewn a ton to make up for it, then there's a lag - just very little consistency. I'm ready to not be able to cut the thick, humid air with a knife.

Deidre said...

Our first Christmas with just us was last year; we enjoyed it so much we realized that we shouldn't have traveled Brad's first year of dental school either. Not that we don't love/miss family but it is too hard/cold/expensive. Travel during the summer when there is more time. You'll love the relaxed Christmas morning with just you guys, I promise.

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