Tuesday, July 13, 2010

no, we're not dead {just been on vacation}

And I have plenty of pictures to prove it!  We drove 13 hours through the night to visit family in Florida and then drove through Columbia on the way back to see Matt's parents and also break the 13 hours up a bit.  We had a delightful time in both states and got some much needed R & R.  The only downside is the weight that I am sure I gained as a result of my Aunt Andrea's to-die-for cooking/baking/spoiling.  Hotels and restaurants don't have {nothin'} on her!

This is going to be a picture-heavy post, so enjoy!

WHEW!  That does it for all of our vacation pictures.  I think I took so many in FL that I forgot to even take out my camera in SC.  Oh well, we still enjoyed our time there, too!  Our apartment is undergoing major reorganizing/cleaning/weeding out of crap right now and it feels GOOD.

Our 7th anniversary is next Monday.  I have gotten the seven year itch...but in a "we have so much crap" kind of way.  I think that's a good thing...

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Leah said...

you looked like you had a blast! your pics are beautiful!