Wednesday, July 21, 2010

what a day

Nothing beats a perfectly planned out morning, right?  Well, except for a washer that decides to spew 1.5" of standing water into your {upstairs} laundry room.  This said water will then seep into your carpet not only in the direct vicinity of the laundry room, but also into all of the adjoining rooms.  Oh yeah...and through the ceiling.  Now our ceiling fan could have competed for the next best water park.  Too late to reenact it all now.

Somehow the drainage pipe that is part of our apartment came out of the wall and the load of laundry I was doing drained all over the place.  Luckily, we were all home (I never leave laundry going while I am gone) and I think I caught it just in time.  Of course, there were lots of "freak out" moments, pretty much from me.  I caught a lot of "It's not that bad, Mommy" from Ellerie.  And apparently {I didn't hear this} several "Calm down"'s thrown in for good measure.  Poor kiddos...we were all set to go walking on the Creeper today.  We'd just finished a yogurt and homemade muffin breakfast and I heard this suspicious sound.  Walk into the den...AHH!  Thank goodness I have a lot of towels, although it still wasn't enough.  Thankfully, there's no real damage and the ceiling didn't collapse.  That is always my fear in second story leaks.  Like I said, we caught it just in time.  Our landlord said to just let everything dry out and he'll come by in a few weeks to paint over any water spots leftover on our downstairs ceiling.  What a day.

I have pictures of the first "Fruits of our labor" from the meager garden we managed to plant.  Oh yeah..the garden consists of two tomato plants at this point.  And two marigolds.  That's it.

But Ellerie certainly enjoyed the two tomatoes we've gotten.  Hopefully there will be a few more before the end of the summer.

Mom and Tanner are coming over sometime tomorrow on their way to Richmond.  The move has finally arrived and I imagine most of their stuff is already packed on the truck.  Tomorrow is any residuals and some cleaning I guess and then they'll make their way to Abingdon.  Five hours is a long ways away....I am not a fan of this move for that reason only.  It'll be good for them...but sad for us.

I've got book club at my place next Thursday and The Goose Girl is my choice.  It's a fantastic book for those who haven't read it before.  The refreshments are going to be divine, too, even if I do say so myself :)  I have a nice little handout planned and everything.  I have to admit that planning events is certainly up my alley...well, reasonably sized ones, I suppose.

I am exhausted from the stress of today, however, and need to sleep.  So, stay tuned for more ramblings to come at a later date.  Peace.

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