Tuesday, August 24, 2010

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Well, it's been one of those months where I keep thinking, yeah, it's been awhile since I blogged, but I didn't really feel like doing much about it.  And so, I haven't.  It's about time to catch up a bit, though, so here I am.  School has started for most people now, although we have yet to hit that stage.  I am planning on trying to teach Ellerie how to read this fall.  The poor child seems pretty bored sometimes...too smart for her own good, you know?

There's a definite hint of the cooler weather to come in the air this week.  It was great to hit the Creeper yesterday morning and feel sweaty, yet not uncomfortable - because the air was still cool AFTER I was done.  I even had to take a blanket for the kids.  Spring and Fall are most definitely my favorite seasons.  I dislike extreme heat and extreme cold, both of which we had last year and this year, both of which we were assured we would NOT have :)  Oh well, what're you gonna do, right?

We're excited for library story time to start up in the next few weeks.  We still go every week, though, to get new books.  Ellerie figured out how to work a computer mouse today and happily played a toddler-appropriate computer game for about 15 minutes - all by herself.  Congrats, my little girl!  Bennett still loves to try and climb everything within reach.  That kid is going to be the death {or at least the major injury} of himself.  He has three obvious bruises on his face right now from his own shenanigans.  Bennett is also spouting off a few more understandable words as of late.  They include book, bread, block, water (although he calls it agua...lol), uh-oh, and a few I have forgotten.  He still understands pretty much everything I ask him to do in regular adult language, which is nice.  Still only four teeth...surely the kid is getting jealous now and should be telling his unseen biters to get with the program!

I have been on a reading rocketship lately, speeding through all kinds of great books.  I discovered the fun series by Joseph Delaney, The Last Apprentice.  Also like These Is My Words quite a bit and was happy to find out there are two sequels, one of which I've already finished.  There can never be too many good books, and you can never spend too many hours reading {as long as your family doesn't suffer because of it}.  I guess that's one good blessing for reading really fast - I can manage to keep everything else in line if I only read while the kids are sleeping or in bed for the night.  Or watching Little Einstein's....lol.

I'm excited for Halloween...think that might be one of my favorite holidays.  I'm trying to figure out what the kids should be, because they must, of course, match or "go" somehow.  It was the Princess and the Pea last year.  Ellerie has been on a Hansel and Gretel kick for a week {per Little Einstein's}, so maybe I'll go that route...we'll see.  It's always fun to dress up as something else...hopefully I'll figure out something that they can wear some other time, too.

Bennett is this >< close to being in Nursery at church.  The kid needs to be in Nursery...lol.  I don't know how he's going to take it, but he'll enjoy it eventually.  Matt has been taking him in for one hour each Sunday and he likes it, but Daddy is there with him, so you know how that goes.  I would love to be there with him, but I'm teaching the 9-10 year olds in Primary now, so I can't :(  I like my new class, though.  It's a good age, not too sassy yet, but they understand :)  I don't have to create SO many different games/attention getters, since their attention spans are a little better.  The last time I was in Primary was with the Sunbeams...lol, so a major change :)

Ellerie is still doing wonderfully on the potty-training front, and accidents are a non-issue.  It's so nice to only buy diapers for one kid.  It was always fun to buy two sizes of diapers, which come in different amounts, and have one run out first and still have like 40 for the other kid...alas, those days are over.  ONE kid, ONE size, NO hassle.  Freedom!

Well, I'll try to start taking more pictures again.  I think I may have some on my camera right now, but I don't remember for sure.  I'll post soon if I do.  The kids' new room is still not quite finished, but it's looking so much better than before.  Can't wait for everyone to see it :)  I'm out!

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