Wednesday, September 8, 2010

back into the groove of things

Let's see if I can't manage to get back into my regular schedule of walking, library, shopping, blogging {regularly} and so on...I realized that I pretty much didn't take any pictures in August.  Wow.  That is pretty pathetic.  I guess things were just moving right along and I forgot.  Oh well.

We enjoyed an impromptu vacation down to Charlotte, NC this past weekend.  Our newest nephew Will was blessed on September 5 and we were glad to be there for it.  We arrived a day earlier to have a fun day at Discovery Place in downtown Charlotte.  Boy, the kids got their money's worth out of that, especially the water table.  It only took Ellerie 6-7 minutes to dump a half gallon bucket of water towards herself.  Needless to say, it all didn't quite make it back into the bucket and she went around half sopping wet for the rest of the day.  I squeezed out as much as I could.  Discovery Place had lots of fun stuff for the kids to look at and we even got to watch a 3-D movie about sharks.  It was funny watching Ellerie reach out and try to grab the fish that were "swimming towards her".  She even managed to keep her glasses on for half the movie.  Not bad.  This was the first trip we took where Ellerie didn't have to use the bathroom sometime during the span of actual driving.  I was kind of surprised, but happy, of course :)  We stayed in a great Hyatt Suites place that had a little kitchenette and separate bedroom, not to mention a DVD player.  That itself may have been the best part as far as the kids were concerned.  We also enjoyed a full, hot breakfast each morning, which for me was probably the best part.  Here are some pictures I took...there's not that many...

I'm gearing up to go to the semi-annual consignment sale here in Abingdon where I can get all the kids' winter (or summer) clothing for amazing prices.  They don't need as much this fall/winter, since they've seemed to stop growing SO fast, but I still need to make a list so I don't overbuy.  We're also heading to a baby shower for one of Matt's volunteers this Sunday.  I go to so few of those these days that I get really excited and kind of go overboard on presents.  Although, in my own defense, I still make half the stuff I give, so it's not like I'm spending as much money as I could

Speaking of making stuff, these are two fabric flower pins that I made for a Relief Society service auction (or in my case, something I made).  They went over rather well.  I'm considering trying to sell them...not sure.  Would you buy one and how much would you pay for them?

They probably take me about 2 hours each to make...maybe I could make it faster.  Annhh....I'm thinking of actually taking that break from selling stuff.  Goodness knows if I did, I have SO many baby shower gifts ready to go....I'd have to try and have a big "going out of business" or "extended vacation" sale on Etsy.  I did manage to sell all of the remaining cuddle cubes I had to a lady in Australia.  They should be getting there any day now.  That is a LOT of extra space already in my closet :)

I've been reading a TON.  Maybe that's why I haven't been blogging/picture taking/sewing much.  I keep telling myself I'm going to get to the end of the stack and then move on to other projects.  But then I find another book...oh my precious books.  What would I do without you????

Well, I should be moving on to other things right now....haha, yeah.  Hopefully I can try and blog about once a week or so.  That is my goal.

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L said...

I'm finally getting to check on some people's blogs!!! Those be some cutttte kids :)