Saturday, October 23, 2010

trick or treat

Well, it's not quite that time yet, but Halloween is fast approaching.  We have been enjoying lovely weather as well as lots of Halloween/fallish-types of activities, crafts, food, etc.  Here are a few pictures to elaborate:

I had to do some significant alterations to the shirt I made for Ellerie because it was way too big.  There are pictures from before and after and I'm sure you can tell once I fixed it :)  We just went to a town Halloween activity but it was only okay.  There were so many people there and all of the free things were just packed with people waiting to have their turn.  It just wasn't worth it, in our opinion.  The kids probably had more fun playing on that caboose from the pictures, which was on the walk back to the car, then they did hanging around trying to get a turn on the inflatables.  Oh well, you live and learn!

Bennett has FOUR teeth in various stages of growth that have erupted in the last month, probably less.  His dentist appt. (along with Ellerie) is next Thursday...she'll be so happy :)  That will make eight total teeth for this chomper-delayed  That doesn't stop him from putting out a fearsome bight, though, let me tell you!  That kid is a fast biter, so you better watch out.

Is it weird/wrong that the latest preschool behavioral issues in our house have been dealt with mainly through the promise or withholding of the next holiday party on the schedule?  Geez...that girl knows how to push my buttons with the best of them....or worst, depending on how you look at it.  At least we're getting plenty of use out of these Halloween costumes I made.  I wouldn't actually keep her away from any of the, there are just a LOT of threatening statements made.  That's all I'm gonna say!

I am loving the cooler weather that has finally invaded southwest Virginia.  Fall is my favorite time of year.  So many fun holidays to look forward to, lovely winter weather clothing, boots...speaking of which, I am planning a day trip to Johnson City to find myself some new leather boots.  I just got an Etsy order the other day which pushed my Paypal account up enough to buy boots without spending any of my regular money.  The Paypal money is mine to do with as I want....yay!  Hopefully I can find a good deal at Beattys (which is THE place to go for really great shoes).

Well, I should probably descend from on high (up here in the bedroom) to spend time with the hubs...although from the amount of laughter emanating from down below, it doesn't sound like he's missing my company all that much...hehe.  Probably watching something on Comedy Central.  I'll be sure to take pictures with all of the "real" trick or treating we'll do next Saturday.  I have a fun project in mind for my trunk-or-treaters, something very yummy that is probably just a little better for them than candy...don't worry.  They'll still get candy :)


The Turner Family said...

We have to do the same with Olivia "If you don't listen, you won't be able to go to Ben's Birthday Party, etc"...sometimes it works, other times I just feel like empty threats :)

T said...

But you need to back up the threats with the reality should she continue to be defiant. It is sad but I remember not allowing you guys to do fun things as a consequence. They will never learn if they don't believe the warning is real.