Saturday, November 6, 2010

from the outside looking in

There's nothing like climbing up a 75+' piece of solid rock, with your two toddlers, to make you nervous.  I have climbed Backbone Rock by myself and looked over the ledge of a pretty perilous drop...and was totally fine.  With kids, totally different story :)

Bennett cried when we had to leave.  This boy would have thrown rocks into the river ALL day if we had let him.  He has a pretty good arm, too.

This is somewhere on top of that 75' rock.  A mercifully flat area, away from any dangerous precipices.

Don't worry.  I did actually let them go out and "play" in the snow for a few minutes, I just didn't take the camera with me at that point.  They thought it was pretty cool.

There was a single strand of spider web that had snow gently clinging to it....can you make it out in these pictures?  Here's the hoping this winter is nothing like last winter..even though a good snow is fun...sometimes.


Grandma and Pop said...

We shure had fun with you at the backbone. Your snow pics sure are pretty.

L said...

the upper left corner pic of the snow is great! i like bennett's lumber jack shirt too :)