Monday, December 20, 2010

i couldn't resist....

As much as I complain sometimes about how many stuffed animals we have laying around....I couldn't resist making the kids some last-minute Christmas presents.  The pattern was easy, the finished product was irresistibly cute and I had everything on hand EXTRA money!  And I have to admit that stuffed animals are an immediate draw for me, no matter how many we cute, cuddly and just darling.  Let me introduce you to Oopsie and Opsie.

Wouldn't an entire family of these be SO welcome to your child's lap?  The kids already got glimpses here and there and seemed to go ga-ga....luckily they have not asked about them since they disappeared, so I know the short-term memory loss will serve me well this time :)  Only four full days until Christmas morning....I can't wait!