Monday, December 13, 2010

only 12 days 'til Christmas



These are the Christmas decorations that I have hanging around our place.  Bennett has already been messing with the Nativity set....grr!

I moved the Christmas tree at least a week ago to prevent any more ornament breakages....the newly finished tree skirt should also prevent such a disaster as well.  I'm kind of fond of it'll pretty much go with anything I decide to decorate with on the tree.

My Advent calendar!!  It's finally finished (as of before December 1 of course) after starting it for last Christmas.  I am proud of myself...hehe.  The kids are really enjoying it, too.

Clearly, you can see what happens when the afternoon sun streams through our front window and into the midst of the snow globe.  Pretty spectacular.   Matt said it was even capable of slightly warming his hands, when placed on the wall.

Hopefully I'll be getting some better pictures with the Christmas tree before this season is over.  The kids were about to go to bed, and as you can tell from the tears, things were a bit rough.  Here's to next time!

That's all for now, folks :)


Leah said...

I love love love your stockings!

Grandma and Pop said...

Love your new Christmas tree skirt!

Amber said...

I like your tree skirt - it looks so rich and sumptuous. The Nativity advent calendar is cute too! I like it a lot. I've seen some around, but they usually look cheap. Yours turned out really well!