Friday, February 4, 2011

Hands On Museum

Thanks to a generous family gift this past Christmas, I finally went to get a membership to the Hands On Museum in Johnson City {thanks Mom and Dad!}.  If we ever get a chance, one of the huge benefits is getting into Discovery Place in Charlotte for FREE.  Talk about a deal.  This time, however, we just stuck to JC and had lunch afterwards at Chick-fil-A {mommy's favorite...we're getting one here before the end of the year!!}.  Here's the proof.

I didn't get any pictures at Chick-fil-A, but our visit was just great.  I am pretty sure I can get better service at Chick-fil-A than any restaurant I've ever been to.  Not that most restaurants don't have good service, it's just that the wonderful Chick-fil-A people go above and beyond, especially when they see a Mom alone with her two kids :)  Anyways, we're hoping to make it back down there at least once a month and preferably with some friends here and there.  I have a bunch of $1 off coupons for people, too {thanks Expo tickets from last year}.

I have been getting used to my new church calling(s).  I moved up to the Valiant 11 class in Primary (kids who are pretty much ready to get OUT of Primary) and I'm also a co-leader over the Activity Days program.  We have 12 girls and 5 more coming in this!  I am also going to start playing the piano for the second hour in Primary.  The joys of splitting into a smaller ward :)  No, really.  I have done all these things before, so it's going to be fun!

I am starting to plan Bennett's 2nd birthday party...oh my goodness.  Matt's got a pretty tight schedule this Spring, so we'll have small thing with just our immediate family on the day of, and then I'll do his slightly larger friend thing the week after.  I'm thinking St. Patrick's Day, although it's going to be a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme.  Hopefully he'll enjoy it :)  I have been doing more major reorganizing of closets and LOTS of throwing away.  It's amazing how many of Matt's holey socks I just threw away.  The poor guys only has a few pairs left.  Add it to the list!  I tend to do all year cleaning, not just spring cleaning.  Once I get something in my mind, I just do it.  Who needs to wait for a specific season??

The weather is kind of calming down a bit.  Still some cold days ahead, at least in the next 10 or so, but at least we're not getting pounded by some new winter storm.  That was insanity for awhile there.  Well, one child is awake and I hear the other, so I guess my motherly duties will be starting back up again.  I do have a Girl's Night Out tonight with some friends - appetizers/dessert and bowling - so I am VERY excited.  Thanks honey for watching the kids, you're amazing!

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Leah said...

Next time you go to hands on give me a call! I have a pass too!