Wednesday, March 30, 2011

picture-free post

I'm just feeling too lazy to go downstairs and grab the camera.  Not that I have any pictures of great import to share, but you know the feeling.  A few funny things that have happened lately:

  • It hailed the other day for about five minutes.  At one point, it was coming down hard enough that I called upstairs to Matt that he should probably move his car underneath the unused carport next door.  When he ran outside, a bit of hail made its way inside.  Ellerie proceeded to eat the hail right off the dirty hardwood floor.  I told her to stop....she continued to surreptitiously sneak it anyways.
  • Ellerie always wakes up before Bennett.  And Matt always wakes up before me.  They were both downstairs and I'd already taken a shower.  Bennett was starting to make noise in his crib, so I let him out so he could go downstairs as well.  This particular morning, Matt was still asleep in the den from having slept there due to cold symptoms the night before.  Apparently Bennett woke him up by doing the following - there was one final banana muffin left in a ziplock on the counter.  Bennett got the muffin from the counter (via a stool or chair I'm assuming) and then proceeded to whack the bag at Matt's face while saying, "Daddy, Daddy!"  I really wish I could have witnessed this.
  • Bennett must have knees of steel.  Just tonight he was jumping from Ellerie's toddler bed (so not too tall, but still) straight to the ground and landing on his KNEES.  Are you kidding me?  I couldn't even do that once without incurring a visit to the local ER.

I am currently in the process of redoing our living room colors.  With an apartment, there really isn't much I can do except for changing out pillows, adding some curtains, etc.  I am having a Craigslist ottoman dropped off tomorrow morning, which I promptly plan to sew a slipcover for.  I've found some great tutorials that I hope will be very helpful.  I lied..there will be one picture of the fabrics I intend to use for the pillows and other miscellaneous items around the room.

AVIARY 2 by Joel Dewberry, Fat Quarter Set in granite(a.k.a.The Pittsburgh Penguin palette :)

Isn't it such a nice, modern color palette?  I found almost sheer fabric from Walmart for only $5 a bolt (5 yards) and I got two.  These are going to be made into long, but not very wide, panels for my bay window.  The fabric is steel-colored.  Because the panels are so narrow, and just for decor and not necessarily to cover the window, I don't think the dark color will matter.  The walls are stark white and I think it will add dimension to the room.  The ottoman will reside in aforementioned bay window and I hope will act as a small window seat, even if the kids are the only ones who use it :)

We are heading to Columbia, SC for General Conference weekend.  We get to see our newest niece Faye blessed and I get to whip up some wonderful sweet concoctions for the festivities afterwards.  Always a favorite pastime of mine, you know.  I have some stuff planned for the kids to hopefully keep them at bay.  At least for the Sunday sessions.  With young children, and the advent of the internet and Ensign reprint of everything, I almost think it's pointless to try and watch sessions on Saturday.  I know that makes me sound heathenish.  But when I can watch it, and actually take things in, at a later date, does it really matter what particular date I am watching/listening/reading?  You tell me.  Sunday sessions are different, I still feel the need to participate in something resembling church :)  That's where the General Conference packets and file folder games will come in.  Hopefully it'll all work.  Oh and snacks!  Can't forget those, right?

I have started a 1349-page book for my BBC list.  Thank goodness it's by a current author and has read fairly easily so far.  I'm in the middle of that and another list book;  they are numbers 66 and 67 of 100.  I don't think that's too shabby for having started in November.  I am leaving several doozies for later this!  Well, it's about time for me to wrap things up.  I'll be sure to take pictures of the finished living room.  Someday I will have a separate playroom so my living room can EXCLUSIVELY be a living room.  That is all :)


Amber said...

Ah, that's some Joel Dewberry, is it not? Aviary 2? I love it. Should look great against such light walls!

Anne and Bob said...

I really like the fabrics you have chosen. I should look great! Look forward to seeing you and the family this weekend.