Thursday, March 31, 2011

picture-full post

The lazies left, so here are the pictures :)

Not my best birthday cake ever, but it sure tasted nice :)

A very cute birthday boy!

You can really tell how she looks like me in these least I think so :)

Some twirling shots, taken in shutter priority...cause I still "know" what I'm  Yeah right.

Being silly....

My lovely Moda Bake Shop wreath ended up in my pink and green hall bathroom.  That poor room needed some vibrant color!

More potty shots....hehe.

Riding the Daddy Express!  {and hanging on for dear life, looks like it}

This is what our bay window looks like now....I put in the cheap curtain rods and will hopefully be able to finish my dark, narrow panels within a couple of weeks.  They are long and very tiring to sew.

Off to Columbia tomorrow for General Conference.  Hooray!

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Bethany said...

I agree that she does look like you.