Thursday, April 7, 2011

more happenings

I got Ellerier a "Very Hungry Caterpillar" puzzle for $1 at the consignment sale.  After a rough patch of trying to get her to figure out how to build it herself, that $1 is the best $1 I have ever spent.  She builds that puzzle at least three times a day.  She's getting pretty good...with the photographic memory, I figured it wouldn't take her long to catch on.  For this 750-piece circular puzzle, all I did was hand her a pile of pieces I knew went with the turtle and she did the rest.  She didn't ask me any questions.  Way to go, Ellerie!

What do we do when the weather is delightful and mommy doesn't feel like going anywhere?  We eat lunch on the back porch.  It was lots of fun and Bennett really enjoyed listening to the birds sing pretty songs :)

IF there was ever a train wreck....yeah, we'd pretty much be toast, don't you think?  Let's hope that nothing like that ever does happen.

Nothing like peanut butter & jam, nice crisp grapes and string cheese for lunch {Bennett will only eat it if it's cut up into pieces....LOL I know}.

We can't wait to have our next picnic outside.  Sadly, the weather most likely won't be cooperating for the rest of the weekend.  Hopefully we'll have a nice stretch of warm weather soon.  I need to start thinking of ideas for Ellerie's birthday party....May 28....probably going to do it in early June.  I like the idea of a cupcake theme, or a color....maybe princesses and knights.  We'll see :)

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