Thursday, April 7, 2011

visit to south carolina

It was a fun visit and we got to meet our newest niece Faye.  We also got to see Grandma, Pop, Cyndi, John, Kenzie, Zach, Lydia, Will, Rob, Sarah, James, Sarah's parents, and Sadie the dog {WHEW}.  I made a Chocolate Trifle and Ginger Snap Cookies for our main get together and they both turned out very yummy indeed.  There was a lot of children running, Ellerie slipping on the floor (lol poor kid, twice in 10 minutes), screaming children, etc.  General Conference actually went down fairly well.  I had the little packets all figured out.  It helped that we only attempted to watch the Sunday morning session.  I will enjoy all of the other sessions in the Ensign or online.  We also DVR'd everything as well.  On to the next post!

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