Saturday, May 7, 2011

day in, day out

So perhaps you could say it's been one of those months....or at least one of those last few weeks.  The kind where you feel like the days just kind of melt together; where you don't feel like accomplishing much, so you don't {or in my case, it comes out in spurts of 2-3 hours of productivity}.  The kind of week where the kids watch way too much TV.  For that at least, I have a proper defense - I didn't feel all that great for unknown reasons the last few days and was just weak in general.  Mostly fine while sitting/lounging, but while standing and/or disciplining {oy vey}, weak.  It was just great.  At least I sat with them while they watched was bonding time....:/

Is life full of random points in which we fall into a rut, in whatever sense of a rut applies, or is life one big rut out of which we occasionally {but hopefully more often that that} rise to become something more?  Food for thought I suppose.  Time continues to fly by and yet there are the pinpricks of momentous occasion you can't ignore.  Like the tornado that spun just 1.5 miles away from our home, sparing us, but leaving a wake of moderate to severe damage from Abingdon through Glade Spring and beyond.  Glade Spring, just 15 miles away from us, was devastated.  Four people died and so many more have lost everything.  It isn't terrible compared to the losses sustained in Alabama, but for this area, it is a terrible and rare occurrence.  Those storm systems took several hours and huge cells to pass the Tri-Cities area and I almost had a panic attack trying to wait them out.  Our tiny kitchen closets, the only available "proper" shelter in our town home, were ready in case we needed to hide.  The kids slept on, oblivious to everything that happened.  It's probably best, although I wonder if they would have had a calming influence on me.  Matt, poor soul, couldn't seem to calm me down.  I had to call my sister in Provo, figuring the time difference would mean she would have no problem talking to me for an extended period of time, just for distractions' sake.  And so she did, for one hour.  We finally fell into bed around 12:30, and although I had my mp3 player in, trying to drown out the sounds of Mother Nature, I distinctly remember the last cell to pass through.  The one that held the tornado....that was only 1.5 miles away.  I think I had every right to be freaked out, don't you?  Let's hope I don't have to relive that scene any more this storm season.

Life strums along.  I'm starting to plan Ellerie's fourth birthday party.  Fourth...I can't believe she is almost four.  That means Matt and I will celebrate our 8th anniversary this July.  Sometimes it feels like longer {hehe} but most of the time, that just seems so long when it really feels like yesterday.  Well, maybe not  The theme for her party is Pixies & Pirates.  I kinda feel like four is when they really get that it's their big day, and they enjoy having friends over to celebrate.  So four is probably going to be a big party for all the kids.  2, 4, 8, 12, 16.  With smatterings of smaller {but equally delightful} parties in those interim years ;)  Mom's can only do so much!

I am pushing my way through the BBC 100 list {see the tab at the top for progress or to check your own!}.  The current book is 1349's good, but still, that is LONG.  It's taken me well over a month and too many renewals to get 47% of the way through.  Let's hope I can find the will to plod through, considering I am kind of behind schedule if I want to finish the other 33 before 2012.  I kind of need to start exercising again, too....HA!  It would be nice if playing tag inside the house {so a limited area of space, not hard} didn't make me feel tired sometimes.  Granted, kids are full of limitless energy....seriously....but the mommy should be able to hold her own, right?  So sad, so sad, this post{apocalyptic}baby body of mine....:)  But they're worth it.

Well, there are loads of laundry calling.  More of those melt-the-days-into-weeks-into-months activities.  But they must be done.  Might as well be done by me.  Hurrah to the moms :)

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