Friday, February 3, 2012

Discovery Place!

I grew up going to Discovery Place in Charlotte, NC every now and then.  Even back then, it was one of the coolest places ever.  Our membership to Hands On in Johnson City, TN expired on February 1 and just a few weeks ago I realized that I wanted to get down to Discovery Place one more time.  Our membership allowed us free entrance to hundreds of museums around the country.  Obviously, Discovery Place is the most convenient :)  It's about three hours, a little longer than I'd like to make it a one day trip, so we went down to spend the day and then went to a hotel for the night.  Just me and the kids.  It was fun :)

Checking out the younger kids' room.  I didn't get pictures of the water area, but they loved that.  Bennett especially loved a "drum" set made up of pots and pans. You know, the loud stuff.

The Rainforest deck went over really well!  They loved climbing across the rope ladder. I remember they were both afraid at first to do it last time we came {at least one year ago}, but it was easy-peasy this time.  Bennett loved discovering the macaw hanging out at the top of the room.

The aquarium was filled with lots of cool fish.  They have started watching a new show called "Octonauts", so they recognized lots of the sea creatures featured in the tanks.  We came back later during the day and were able to see most of the fish being fed, even some nurse sharks!

Ellerie, holding her on weight up via pulley system.  That big contraption Bennett is next to had little plastic pellets that you can move through different mechanical systems.  They are all connected and eventually get back to the place they started.  He really loved it and kind of threw a fit when I finally tried to pull him away.

Playing in this cool dark area that had smoke and lights.  And plastic curtains that they loved running

Back at the hotel room enjoying our interpretation of dinner without any cooking implements :)  The TV was on to try and get Bennett to eat more food.  It {kind of} worked.  The kids didn't fall asleep until 9 PM.  You figure since we were at the museum almost 5.5 hours {eek!} they would have zonked out before then, but no.  I even had all the lights out except the bathroom and was sitting on one bed reading my kindle by the light of my booklight, but they kept on and  Bennett sucombed first and 15 minutes later Ellerie was out..granted, halfway off the bed, but sleep is what counted.

It was a long day, but we had a ton of fun and called it our Winter Adventure.  They both got to pick something out of the gift shop.  Ellerie picked a sea star necklace that she loves wearing and Bennett picked out a die cast yellow school  It was almost an American space shuttle, but I made the mistake of asking him one last time if that was exactly what he wanted.  He changed his mind.  Oh well.  It was a few bucks cheaper!

Hopefully I won't take as long to post next time.  Things have just been so odd, it's been hard.  I always get annoyed when people don't update their blogs, but here I was, having my own personal crisis.  Perhaps it's a personal crisis that keeps others from I am finding it much harder to judge others these day.  Don't ever take for granted your health, or just the little joys in life.  You never know when you might lose some aspect of yourself that you didn't realize you appreciated so  At least my sanity came back after not having it for almost two weeks.  Here's to continued healing.

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