Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ho, Ho, Ho - A Little Late

So if I said things had been peachy keen around here I would be  I went through {and am still dealing with} some interesting health issues around Thanksgiving, so things are just now starting to get back to normal.  While my family was here for Thanksgiving, I sadly don't remember much of it.  Christmas was a little better.  Here are some pictures of what went down.

We went to the Bristol Speedway Light Show for the first time and we loved it.  We actually went twice, once alone and once with Matt's parents, and had a coupon both times.  It was awesome and we had fun checking out the Christmas Village in the middle of the track after seeing the lights.  The kids loved the carousel and the "Christmas tree" of lights.

Bennett likes to help me put away the silverware after the dishwasher runs.  Pretty talented, don't you think?

We had the missionaries over for Christmas Eve dinner {cooked and finally enjoyed by myself since I pretty much missed out on Thanksgiving}.  They helped the kids sprinkle reindeer food after dinner, that way Rudolph and the others could find their way to our place.

We didn't forget the advent calendar this year!  The kids made sure we did this {almost} every day in a row.  They took turns and liked finding out what was coming next.

Ellerie and Bennett with their "loot".  One of the favorites has been Candyland.  They can actually play by themselves.  I think they have played at least every few days since Christmas.

This is Ellerie's Christmas dress.  I really love the way the ruffled bolero turned out.

We visited Richmond for New Years to see my sister and brother-in-law get sealed in the Washington, D.C. temple.  We had lots of fun and even got to visit an Argentine restaurant in preparation for Tanner going to the Salta, Argentina Mission.  He actually just reported yesterday....I'm still a little sad :)

Just being themselves.

I have really been trying to keep busy and have faith that my health issues will eventually be taken care of.  I know this won't last forever, but when it involves one's throat and an "off" feeling that is constantly there, it's pretty hard to deal with.  Sometimes I think it's hard to remember just exactly what "normal" felt like.  I have felt so far from normal since mid-November that it's kind of {sigh}.  Thank goodness for a wonderful husband that picked up the slack while I was literally losing it and for one that is still patient with me when I feel the need to complain {hopefully not too often, right honey?}.  Here's to a new year that is full of wonderful things.

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