Wednesday, October 2, 2013

No, we're not dead....

Well, this post will probably have lots of catching up to do....not that most of the readers couldn't have figured things out from Facebook :)  Anyways, we live in Rocky Mount, North Carolina now.  Matt is still with the Boy Scouts, but in the East Carolina Council instead.  We hit our year mark on August 25.  Ellerie is in first grade now, kindergarten went great.  Bennett is not in any organized Pre-K, but I have him involved in library story time, an organized play group through an organization in Rocky Mount and soccer.  AND.....we have baby #3 due to arrive sometime around March 25, 2014.  We should find out boy or girl {or heaven forbid, more than one} sometime before Halloween.  I'm determined to find out earlier than I've been able to with the last two.

This pregnancy has certainly taken its toll on my "aging" body.  Being pregnant at 30, not that it's old, has certainly been different than being pregnant at 23 and 25.  I keep hearing that everything is exacerbated with each pregnancy, and I can certainly attest to that.  Super tired, very nauseated, all food seems nasty, although that last one has been getting better with my entry into the second trimester.  I was a slacker and didn't get into the doctor for the first time until I was 14 weeks.  In a way, that has served to mentally speed up the pregnancy a bit, since I only have 24.5 weeks left now {I'm 15.5 weeks along}.  Since I'm 30, I get to do the glucose testing twice.  The first time will be for my upcoming appointment this Friday morning and the other sometime in the 20s, like before.  I have always passed with flying colors, so hopefully nothing will change.

Here in Rocky Mount, I am the Young Women's first counselor at church.  We have a very small group of girls, but it's been fun.  I was the Camp Director this past summer and attended all week, not to mention attending the entirety of Youth  I think I've put in my dues for the year ;)  And, to those youth in other wards, I apparently still look like one of them....kind of silly and gratifying at the same time.

Ellerie is still a smart cookie.  She is probably reading on a fifth grade reading level, although the reading comprehension isn't quite at the same level yet.  Bennett has little to no interest in doing letters/  He is more into numbers and the physical activity.  Typical boy!  Ellerie has a great teacher for first grade and loves learning.  I take her to school myself each morning and then she gets to ride the bus home in the afternoon.  For her, the best of both worlds {and more morning sleep for everyone}.  Bennett is excited to be in kindergarten next year.  He'll always be one of the older kids in the class with his March birthday.  The kids are both playing soccer this fall and doing well for the their first time.  Ellerie hated it at first and we had a major meltdown during her first game, but with time and practice, she is really starting to enjoy it.  I don't think we have a star player on our hands, but we definitely see her enjoying it now and learning.  Bennett isn't the best either, but when his teammates score, you'd think he'd scored himself.  It's hilarious.  He did score a goal his first game, but it was almost by accident.  At least he'll have that memory :)

We got to enjoy many family vacations this past summer.  We went to Oak Island with Matt's side of the family and then saw my side on July 4th.  Even the Florida group were mostly able to attend, too, so that was fun.  We've seen happy times so far this year and a few sad times, but we're stronger because of all of them.

Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with the blog a little better than I have been.  Good AND bad habits are hard to break.  Maybe I'll try to blog something on Sundays...we'll see :)

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