Monday, August 15, 2016

Raindrops on roses...

Wouldn't you know it?  I watered my thirsty plants today and it proceeded to pour down buckets.  That's usually how it works, right?  I'm sure they are grateful for the second watering....their keeper is awfully lazy about gardening the right way.

As I listen to distant rumblings of Mother Nature {still gently storming outside, after all}, I have to you ever feel like the friendships you make in your life are like thunderstorms?  They're useful and produce some great results, most of the time, but then they move along, destined for bigger and better things elsewhere.  That's how I feel....I have become fairly self-sufficient in making lots of good acquaintances everywhere we go.  But that bosom buddy/kindred spirit/go to gal?  I feel like that kind of friendship has eluded me since....well, since childhood.

Now don't get me wrong....I am loving where I live in wonderful RVA.  Matt would probably just shake his head and think, there she goes, thinking that thought she has every few months/quarter/year.  Nivette needs to get herself a best friend.  Yes, that would be nice.  Maybe I'm too lazy.  Maybe I don't make the effort to put myself out there enough.  Maybe everyone I currently know in RVA already has a  Maybe I'm too reserved {at first....after I really know you, all bets at sanity are off!} to open up enough to have a bestie with whom I am perfectly at ease.  At least I have my husband for a best friend.  But women all over the world know that is just not the same.

Every place we've lived, I usually end up missing the friends I've made once we have to move on.  Unlike many people I know of, however, I never feel compelled to try and visit old places I've lived.  Like, I don't know of many people in my life that I would go out of my way to try and visit, years after having met them.  These are people that I experienced part of my life with, and yet that extra connection?  I don't feel it.  Or maybe I'm projecting onto myself.  Does anyone consider me and my family worth an extra detour in their plans to come and visit?  I honestly don't know.  Maybe we're not super!  This is not to garnish piteous comments or declarations of, "No, you're super memorable, I would totally visit you guys if we were ever in Virginia."  I'm just honestly curious.

Since we have moved every three years up to this point, maybe I've decided, somewhere in the recesses of my brain, that I won't try too hard.  We'll only be in this place for such a short while in the grand scheme of things, so what's the point?  I hate goodbye's anyway, so let's make it easier by not getting too emotionally invested.  RVA, guess what?  We're here for at least five solid years.  Maybe it's time to let my wings fly free for a change.  Having a literal shoulder to cry on {as needed and hopefully hardly ever} would be helpful and comforting.  Knowing there was someone out there who really got me.  What a novel concept this would be.  It's like a continuation of high school, really.  This all explains why I was best friends with really no one, but friends of all.  The kind of person who could get a nod in the hallways from many of the typical high school cliches.  The quiet book-smart girl who kept to herself...

I guess, in the end, it all comes down to both effort and dumb luck.  I'm going to try and do my best to put myself out there and maybe something great will come of it.  So, to all the RVA ladies, both those I've met and those who are still just another nameless face driving down Hull Street Road {seriously, who thought of that combo?}, are you up for it?  Are you my long lost bestie?  Cause I'm taking applications.


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